Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dato' Usman Awang

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Title : Dato' Usman Awang
Medium : Color pencils on colored paper
Size : 29.7cm x 42cm
Year : 2008
Collection : Artist
Signed and dated center right : fazrul

Description Usman Awang (12 July 1929, Kuala Sedili, Johore - 29 November 2001, Kuala Lumpur) was a Malaysian poet, playwright and novelist. Malaysian National Laureate (1983). He was born into a penniless family in Johore, and had done coolies and served as a policeman when he was young. He was good at writing traditional Pantun poems. His career began at 1946, and he was a nucleus member of Angkatan Asas 50.
The prominent Malaysian critic Syed Husin Ali, one of his closest friends wrote this: Usman is popularly considered, and most justifiably too, as perhaps the best poet in the Malay language. Most important, he is accepted without question as a people’s poet. Writing since 1955, Usman did not produce a very large corpus of poetry, only about 200 of them. But the man, his personality, his poetry and his ideas have a much deeper and wider influence than that number would suggest. Much of his poems are simple, clear, oftentimes romantic, and just beautiful. He is a master at weaving words into striking phrases, sentences and verses that are of exceptional classical beauty and sometimes appear to be nostalgic and even escapist.

Source of : Wikipedia, Usman Awang


  1. Great work! You have a great talent Fazrul.. Its great that you gives sufficient information about you paintings :)

  2. It was a great read. And your painting looking so real. Keep rocking!! 3:)

  3. Absolutely astonishing, love your work, I really do. This one has to be one of my favorites!