Monday, December 14, 2009

Secebis Kasihmu

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Tittle: Secebis Kasihmu
Medium: Color pencils on colored paper
Size: 20 inches x 30 inches
Year: 2005
Publisher: Creative Enterprise Sdn. Bhd
Signed and dated bottom right :
fazrul 2005
Labels: Illustration Book Cover


  1. Hi fazrul ! Great artworks & strong drawings. May i know what is your preference brand of color pencils? Thank you.

  2. Fazrul-love your cover design. The soft colors. It's very ethereal as if the young women in the picture were in the process of dematerializing.

  3. @ nothingprofound
    I love all your comments mr nothingprofound ! As i love the way you writr your poems..thank you so much !

    @ newart
    You are welcome. I prefer PRISMACOLOR cause of their opaqueness but currently use BRYUNZEEL cause of easy to get and i like their softness too.

  4. ouchhh..great artworks...good job..hey u should teach me ''how to drawing''

  5. @ Eason
    Thank you..but which part of drawing you want me to teach you? : )

  6. this one is simple but adorable...like it...would you mind to do some croquis on me...hahaha!

  7. @ Me
    Really? I'm so much appreciated.
    Why not? Just give me your best pic & we decide how
    it's gonna look on your choice :)

  8. It is the first time that I have come across this kind of blog where someone has posted his sketches. All the sketches are awesome!! Great work buddy. I particularly liked the sketch of this woman. She looks so beautiful and innocent and you have done it beautifully. Best wishes.

  9. She looks beautiful and innocent because she really is.
    She is my friend..she is Rohayah.There's no one can deny her that is a gift from God and i realise there are so many people sharing a same thought as we did,Pratishtha.
    To telling the truth,she has a beautiful and generous soul too.
    I'm honored to get a praise from a great mind like you.
    Best wishes to you too.

  10. I like this one very much, the smile is so mysterious, as if she is mocking or she is just happened to saw something.

    Great work Bro.

  11. awww love this too
    nice bg and a beautiful girl :)

  12. @editor @kpoplover ☚ thank you so much

  13. This is a great drawing sweet and setal just enough going on i love it. It's one of my fav. keep up the good work and don't stop drawing