Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bruce Willis

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Title: Bruce Willis
Medium: Colour pencils on coloured paper and a light photoshop work for background
Size: 29.7cm x 42cm
Year: 2008
Collection: Artist
Signed and dated at center right :
fazrul 2008
Labels: Portrait

Description: Walter Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955), better known as Bruce Willis, is an American actor and producer.
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  1. I like Bruce Willis as a person anyway, I like his character and his roles in the movies he plays. You have captured his personality very well and for the most also, I like the texture you gave as a background in PS. It's soft, it matches the color of the pencil drawing very well and that little touch of red is wonderful. You're a great artist!

  2. Awesome capture, hon. You truly amaze me.

  3. How do you discribe his looks in this painting..?
    I think he is old grumpy and think to much about his life...

    Another good collection nice done...

    happy weekend!

  4. @ Susanne49
    Two years ago i watched Six Sense.Than followed with Unbreakable.
    Since that,Bruce has became one of my favourite actor. I agree with you,he got a character and his own style.
    Thanks for your nice reviewed..you have an obvserved eyes : )

    @ Lana Gramlich
    I'm glad to have your comment Lana.
    If you said it's awesome,i knew you really mean it.
    Thanks for dropping by anyway.

  5. @ Me
    Lol : )
    Thanks for concern,anyway!
    Wish can give you a comment sometime : )

  6. OH my friend its very wonderfurl; YOU're a GREAT artist!
    Details in their eyes are great;
    I encourage you to follow so and do great works like this;

    A strong hug my friend! all the best for you!

  7. Good work! It's from the time that Bruce had hair!

  8. Really impressive! This is a young, haired and very handsome Bruce:) Details on his face are incredible. Bruce has to see this:) You're certainly a very special artist, my friend. I'll be pleased to follow your every work.

  9. The years do not go in vain, time takes its toll on our front but the look if we can be consistent with ourselves, everyone will get to perpetuate the old brilliance, perpetuating what we are, a bit of life, like that which you plasmas with their instruments, making her stretch out the outline of his fingers to his creativity ...



    I would be willing to put words in your magic that you draw with such creativity ... Despite not being too feaciente the translation of my language to yours.
    by the way ... it is a pleasure for me to follow you and your talent...

  10. Wow! As everyone has already said, you are a truly great artist, this work needs to be seen by many more people. Bruce Willis with hair and a depth that you have been able to capture so skillfully. I am in awe of your talent...thank you for sharing this Fazrul :-)

  11. @ Reporter online
    I'm glad that you like the drawing,my friend.
    You did a great job in your post about Haiti.
    A big thanks to my generous soul friend!

    @ vania
    Yes,it's the time when he is on the top of his career.
    I just love to see his unique character :)

    @ sihirliyazilar
    All the praise go to God All The Mighty.
    I'm grateful with the gift He lend to me which i can make a living
    with His bless.May God always be with you Sihir,thank you.

    Thank you so much my dearest friend.
    Do not worry about your great writing or any of the translation..as you learn how bad my english is,you will understand how much grateful i am to have your words in my work :)

    @ Maeve
    A comment from you made me feel like received a gift from my own family.Thanks for dropping by even i knew the time you have is always not on your sides.Appreciated.

  12. man really nice :) I had always wanted to draw stuff like this..lol.ur too gud man :)

  13. man this one is awasome. you got the talent :)

  14. @ The TIMES Of everywhere
    Sure you can do if you make some practise..glad you like it : )

    @ Batuhan Budak
    Thank you Batu..it's good to know that my friend.

  15. Brilliant, your technique is fantastic and you have definitely captured his persona.

    Can't wait to see more of your work.

  16. Bruce himself he got a strong character make it more easy to capture his persona.
    I will let you know when i come out with a new work Sam..keep in touch : )

  17. I love it! It's perfect. Fazrul you are really talented I may need to draw a picture of me one day. I love Bruce Willis- he's hott and he looks really good here. Can't wait to see more.

  18. I know girls will like Bruce Willis,haha
    Draw you? Sure,no problem..send me your nice pic..we decide
    how it's gonna look : )

  19. You're really an artist ! I looooovveeeee your works ! Some day you should teach me how to do that !

  20. Wow!you made my day,ame..tell me which one you want me to teach you :)

  21. Wow that is a nice portrait of Bruce Willis! You are a very talented artis.

  22. Great piece of work. Love the technique.

  23. @ Californex
    It's an old pic of him,just wanna catch the time when he was still young,haha

    @ Jason Young
    You are welcome :)

  24. Hey thanks for the comment.

    WOW... nice portrait of Bruce Willis. Your portraits are amazing! I love your work. I can't draw people, but it's all so natural for you. You're incredibly talented. :)

  25. @Candy ☚ thank you

    Even me still learning Candy.
    Not feeling good yet,i'm still far to go..lol:)

  26. Do you exhibit? If you haven't then you should.
    Tu as du talent, I wish you all the best. TWO TUMBS FOR YOUR ART WORKS!