Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tan Sri Hassan Marican

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Title: Tan Sri Hassan Marican
Medium: Colour pencils on coloured paper and a light photoshop work for background
Size: 29.7cm x 42cm
Year: 2010
Commission by: Education Division Petronas
Signed and dated bottom right : fazrul
Labels: Portrait
Series: Version 1 (Edited) - Released on 13th February 2010.
Original version click here

Description: Tan Sri Dato Sri Mohd Hassan Marican is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Petronas, a petroleum conglomerate in Malaysia and the world. Period of contract services from 1989 to February 9, 2010.

Read more about Tan Sri Hassan Marican On His Farewell Day.


  1. hey nice art..this looks better than the earlier version more because of the symbol which is watermarked under the wordings..real nice! :)

  2. Great work Fazrul. You indeed is a great artist. Keep it up.

  3. @ abc
    Yes! I prefer this version too. Look better when the logo is bigger & overlapped with the greeting words.Thanks :)

    @ Seema Syed
    Thank you Seema.

  4. I appreciate you keep me informed when you post a new things, is a big favor by having me do the damn time against me and not being able to keep abreast of updates. Why do I clear about one thing: I like your art...very much.
    Denotes the intensity in his eyes, makes you believe facing something more than just work, and when you get someone like that, is to take our hat off and applaud the sentiment know to transfer to your works...
    Dear friend...Abrazzzusss

  5. This version is better than the original one, Fazrul, because of the logo's size and position... Another great work... Congratulations... Keep on informing me with your every new work as I'll be pleased to see it... By the way, "Hassan" must be our "Hasan".. Names are alike:) What does Fazrul mean?

  6. It's an awesome portrait..but I really prefer with the edited one with a bigger logo background..the portrait looks exactly like the original photos..

  7. Very lovely, Fazrul. Again I can only envy your ability! *LOL* BTW, no need to e-mail me--I've subscribed to your blog in Google Reader. :)

  8. @ NTW
    Thanks :)

    Ooohh..love your comment,my friend :)

    @ sihirliyazilar
    Same with me. I prefer the new one,it look more loose.
    There's no any different between "Hassan" & "Hasan" i guess.
    It's only about the spelling.
    And i guess,there's no meaning of fazrul .. my father just created it.:)

    @ Meer
    Thanks to you..we are just sharing the same thought :)

    @ Lana
    Oh you did?
    Lol..thank you my friend..appreciated !!

  9. Really nice ; great work my friend!

    unaware of this character, as always great, you're a great artist!


  10. @ Reporter online
    He is is the former President and CEO of Petronas, a petroleum conglomerate in Malaysia. Thank you my friend :)

  11. Dear Fazrul, what a great site you have..i am so thrilled in seeing such a cute website with much talented and great works..Hats off to you..and great respect and love too

  12. A superb piece, love it. The watermark behind the writing is very stylished and extremely effective. The figure is excellently constructed, his eyes are so penetrating.

  13. @ Reetha
    Appreciated..thanks for the visited.

    @ Sam Liu
    Good to know it..cheers :)

  14. fazrul as always you are Amazing! You are so detailed!!!!

    4rm your Friend Tamika from Blogcatalog (Mikslee)

  15. @ tamika
    Thanks for dropping by friend,this one is not detail yet.
    I became less on detail now,somehow prefer more on a loose style,haha.

  16. @ Eason
    Thank you friend, i should buy you mcDonalds (kidding)

  17. you are really amazing!!!
    dunno what to say
    lost of words...:)
    keep it up!!
    magnificent artwork!!
    btw can u draw my pic too?
    just kidding :D

  18. @kpoplover ☚ thank you

    You really loves art, Glady..i can see it.
    Sure, why not. Just let me know which pic of you that you want me to draw. I'll do a special one for you.

  19. this pic is awesome..u r great!!
    credit 4 u...n credit 4 hassan merican 2 4 being such a fantastic leader..

  20. Great Leader and Great painter together here :D