Friday, March 12, 2010

Insatiable ( V2 )

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Tittle: Insatiable ( V2 )
Medium: Color pencil on sugar paper and
a minor work in Photoshop CS3.
Size: 30cm x 20cm
Year: 2010
Collection: Artist
Signed within art : fazrul
Labels: Edited Version

Description : Original drawing was in 2005. I just added some color and enhanced digitally to change the mood.
The original version i did for the local magazine that you can see it here.


  1. hey she is so cute..but you know what is more beautiful than her?? The way u drew it and green is looking really good! :)
    Another really nice painting by you! :)

  2. @ Amogh
    Oh,thanks for your quick respond to my new post.
    I'm so glad that you love this one too. It make me feel like want to keep posting everyday :)

  3. I agree with Amogh, she IS beautiful.

    A young girl with her pretty smile, timeless. Is this the reason why you put the clock in the picture? I love your "time-series". I love that clock as a symbol for time: a symbol for age, to be young, being a beauty,time is endless or ending (however you like it to see it)she is looking like she is questioning time, for her its only a today and the future is still far away (time again).

    What if you'll try to do a picture of an elderly person or an old couple with the subject: time? I would love to see it, how you will interpret that into your art, fazrul.

    VERY, VERY beautiful work. You touched my soul with this one!

  4. Hey there. Its BLOG SURFACE from Blog Catalog. Really great postings. I mean really good. The picture resembles beauty and never ending. You have a nice talent. Keep it up... we'll keep in touch through blogcatalog. Would love to see more of your work.


  5. Lovely girl with green background... The clock, the musical notes and your signature seem fascinating. Another beautiful work of you, Fazrul! But I couldn't understand why its name is insatiable? Is the girl insatiable? :)
    It's really a pleasure to look at your drawings!..

  6. @ Susanne49
    Your interpretation is truly wonderful Susan.
    It just like what i had in my mind when i explored the change into the piece. Clock is a symbol of everything's in her life..even in my life too. Time is running my dear friend. And i don't know when it's gonna stop..it can be anytime :)

    What if you'll try to do a picture of an elderly person or an old couple with the subject: time? I would love to see it, how you will interpret that into your art, fazrul.- Susanne49

    Great idea !!!
    I would love to do that. I will get to you when i've done.
    Thanks for the visited and your great thought.

    @ CDR
    Hi,i know you..thanks for your kind words.
    Sure we will always keep in touch :)

    @ sihirliyazilar
    Loving it when you mention all the supporting elements in my new edited version! An old drawing and just wanna try to make some change and get a different mood.
    I'm not pretty sure,either it's her or myself who is insatiable..lol. It just come out when i 've done with the drawing. But i guess better think it's her :)
    Thank you Sihir.

  7. Wonderful rendition. She is precious & charming. I love the background colors. Another gem, Fazrul.

  8. @ Lana Gramlich
    Don't tell me that you like the background cause it's green? Lol,haha..i know that you love natures, Lana! Thank you :)

  9. Hi Fazrul! I love when you have another piece of work to show us, and I love to read what the others write about them! You know, I haven't seen the musical notes, only the clock! But it was not my fault or lack of attention, it was the girl's fault! She is so pretty, a mix of inocense and provocation... but also sadness...

  10. @ Vania Moreira
    Oooooohhh...blame the girl,don't blame me,hahaha

  11. Insatiable. That's the state of mind for most people. Beautiful drawing, the expression on the girl's face is really the one where it looks like there is something that is not satiated in her. She looks vulnerable though such that one wants to reach out to her.
    Applause to you for bringing this expression out in this drawing. Keep sharing your wonderful drawings.

  12. @ Pratishtha
    A great thought and brilliant interpretation,i'm loving it :)

  13. Los ojos y la boca son la expresión del alma.
    Este trabajo es muy bueno.
    Pero me gusta más el original, porque se descubre el interior de la bella joven...

    The eyes and mouth are the expression of the soul.
    This work is very good.
    But I like the original, because it is found inside the beautiful young ...

  14. @ editor
    The original version is quite simple.
    Sometime i prefer that one too. It always have a beautiful in the simplicity. Great thoughts editor. Love it:)

  15. Enigmatic and stunningly beautiful. I see such deep reflection in her young eyes. Perhaps the heavy weight of time.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. A wonderful painting, Fazrul, very enchanting. I especially like the clock and music lightly added to the background, they provide a poetic and mystical quality to the piece.

  18. wonderful work, between reality and fiction, to perpetuate the hope for a vacant stare and yet, with so much as they say in these concise lines that reach further beyond what you see ...


  19. @kick my ass @nothingprofound @Sam Liu @ONUBIUS
    Thanks to you all guys. Really a great supported and i'm loving it.
    I leave my blog nearly a months due to thigh scedule to finish my commission works. But trying to do some update soon :)

  20. Wow, your work is AMAZING!!!! LOVE IT


  21. RE: Thank you. Your ART is AMAZING. This is what I call ART. (:

  22. @The Tales of Precious Pat V @Candy
    Oh,thank you so much..love your comment too:)

  23. hey....I'm very impress your arts.And I like to drawing too but I laze.555 hey hey..It just to be depending of my emotion.so you great..really
    oh...I following your blog from blogcatalog.

  24. Absolutely lovely, glad I came to visit.

  25. @Wrist man @Juicy Bits
    You are welcome :)

  26. I love this one, it's my favorite! You are very talented, keep up the good work. Not many people possess this great gift! God bless you.

  27. Siti nurhaloza ada ga hehehe...

  28. @Amanda Krzywonski
    All the praise go back to God All The Mighty.
    May God bless you too Amanda,you have a kind heart:)

    Haha..this is not Siti, Ramadhan & i don't think she look like her not even slightly.Wondering why did you think she is?

  29. wow!! who is she? :)
    its very effective. you've got the talent dude :)

  30. amazing art.. dude you are outstanding...... some change and more effect... nice work...

  31. @Frezel Enriquez
    She is just a girl,hahaha

    You are welcome

  32. This is great a lovely work, very interesting and well-executed. Again a great composition with the background fall. I really do think you did the expression fit the mood awesome.
    And this is from a life model?

  33. wow!!!like it :)
    innocent face...
    I hope that girl was me :D

  34. @Yesta @kpoplover ☚ thank you

    Its been a long time i didn't do a life model sketch.
    I guess year 2005 was the last when i attended to PWTC International Book Fair for art demo. Since that,all are a studio work and worked from photos.. ☚ a time saver :)

    You wish you was her?
    Who knows she wish she was you?
    Haha..just kidding lor :)

  35. This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing, like always.

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