Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak

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Tittle: Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak
Medium: Pen & Ink On Paper
Size: 29.7cm x 42cm
Year: 2009
Collection: Artist
Signed at bottom edge right : fazrul
Labels: Portrait
Read more a story behind this drawing at A Million Dotted And Passions In Fraser Hills

Description: Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak (born 23 July 1953) is the sixth and current Prime Minister of Malaysia. Najib is President of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). He is the son of Malaysia's second prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak.
Learn more about Dato' Najib Tun Razak


  1. It's great point of pen and link drawing.There are many shading techniques in drawing and difficult to drawing because The Artist must use the resolution and control the pen. You born for this. Fazrul you born to be artist. That's cool.

    I'm impress The Art of Impressionist such as" Impression, Sunrise" of Claude Monet. And you Which is your impress?

  2. ur really awesome!!!
    2 thumbs up!! :)

  3. Very nice, hon! You must have had the patience of a Saint to do this! I've sometimes considered trying my hand at this style, but I just don't think I have it in me. (I also have a new painting up on my blog, if you wanted to pop over for a gander.)

  4. @Wrist man @kpoplover @Lana Gramlich - thank you

    @Wrist man
    I guess its not hard but need a patience.
    I impress with Monet too. Love his soft colors,he is one of my fav.

    2 is too much,lol..haha
    just kidding..you know what?
    I'm so happy to have a feedback from a twitter friend.
    Let's keep in touch :)

    @Lana Gramlich
    The truth is even me wanted to this about many years ago but i failed.
    Time was not on my side till last year i promised myself to make one..at least,haha.
    But like i started to love working with pen..lol

  5. You're surprising me every time with another facet of your wonderful talent, fazrul! I wish I would have other words than "wonderful" "beautiful" - it is excellent! You're a real big talent, keep on shining my friend!!

    Send this picture to your Prime Minister, I'm 200% sure he will invite you in his parliament house - and don't forget to make then some photos too...*smile*...

    Very very nice work, fazrul!

  6. Wonderful, Fazrul! So lifelike! I love the quizzical expression on his face and how relaxed you made him seem. Also the shading in the background is marvelous

  7. ahaha if i have another hands
    its not only 2 :)
    me too so happy that i met
    an amazing painter like you..
    keep it up!!
    *always awed by ur artwork...

  8. really impressive man..a simple yet beautiful picture

  9. Hi Faz!
    from the perfect angle to the perfect drawing skill
    This one is just Simply Amazing.. Nicely Done!
    This Picture just like describes for us : "in the middle of his business times for sometimes, he just got mind to think about his imagination or planning something about the future of his beloved family"
    WOW.. Keep up the great work!

  10. drawing a very interesting ... such as real life. I love it

  11. hahaha....oh yes, It not hard for you haha...but It hard for me. I used to drawing by pen and lnk so it very hard to control and patience. I like pencil because It is easy to control.

  12. @Susanne49 @nothingprofound @kpoplover @Amogh @Glanchaser @gata @Wrist man - thank you so much.

    My post will never be completed without your lovely words Susanne.
    It need your thoughts just like an ocean need a sand.
    Oh yea,don't worry..if i have a change i'll do it..and post here too,haha

    Love your aphorisme and love your true wisdom in reading facial expression..i'm proud to have you in my comment post mr Marty.

    Even you only have two i'm feeling like you have more,Gladys.
    With a great support from someone like you, it make me feel like wanna keep posting daily..No! I mean by hours,haha

    I start to fall in love back with my old friend 'drawing pen'☚(secret)

    I'm glad that you like it mate!
    Your comment just show how much you care about your family too,
    Love it :)

    Thinking of posting a new one now..kidding!
    Thanks Gata:)

    @Wrist man
    Oh really? Surprising me.
    Do you still keep the drawing?
    Show us what you did if you don't mind.
    Yes,pencil is much easier to control.
    Can erase back to make a change or

  13. This is really wonderful, Fazrul, the use of pen and ink is extremely effective, it adds a certain touch which I find brilliant. The character you portray in the Prime Minister's gazing eyes is strong and poignant, and the way his head rests on his hand is just excellent. Great piece, Fazrul.

  14. Hi Fazrul! Nice work!
    You know, for me it's very difficult to draw or paint faces and capture the details, the essence, the character of the model. In my opinion, on this specific pen and ink on paper work you were able to show the peace and serenity of the Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd, who seems to be a very generous and trustful person. Am I right or it was your paint that made me imagine it?

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  16. @Sam Liu @Vania Moreira @Brigita T Alvarado Photography ☚ thank you

    @Sam Liu
    And you gave me a brilliant thought i love it.

    Ooohh,i'm speechless Vania,can anyone help me? lol..haha

    @Brigita T Alvarado Photography
    Its a great gift and i'm thinking to create it too.
    My pleasure and you are welcome Brigit.

  17. Wow, simply amazing. I'm very impressed Fazrul, and I also think that maybe you should send that as a gift to your Prime Minister. I'm sure he'll like it!

  18. Jujur.. saya sbg org indonesia salut dgn malaysia. malaysia maju dalam berbagai bidang tanpa menanggalkan adat dan budaya ketimuran

  19. @Joe Rodriguez @Ramdhan ☚ Thank you

  20. Hey, you are really a talented artist!

  21. Great site Fazrul Arhan,, I love it and enjoyed being here,, so much great picture you drawing here! The details, the angle, and it's really reflect the model itself" I Love art.. you capture better than digital photo with ur miracle hands. Keep a good work and Good Luck Fazrul!

    If u don't mind, i'll put u on my blogroll. I love arts

  22. @* Michael * @diah ☚ Thank you

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Diah.
    I'm glad that you enjoyed being here and i wish you will keep coming back.Its good that you love arts and it would be so much appreciated if you want to add my blog to your blogroll. :)

  23. This is really skillful, Fazrul, you have a new fan here :)

  24. Wow, you have some amazing work , you pay great attention to detail.Keep up the excellent work.

  25. @fullet @Ms Kay ☚ Thank you

    Love your works too,its awesome

    @Ms Kay
    This one really give some pain on my ass. D

  26. so many comments here! i guess nothing much i cn say they all said already! btw nice work fazrul.keep painting and happy painting!and thanks for the comments n clicking! see u again!

  27. Very nice art work! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  28. Beautiful art ork. I am a kid and can never do art neary as good as that. It is very pretty

  29. another briliant piece!
    anyways just droping by to show that I still alive lol :D

  30. @waliz @Ana Cristina @♥●•٠·˙ εммч ˙·٠•●♥ @Yesta ☚ Thank you

    @♥●•٠·˙ εммч ˙·٠•●♥
    Take your time Emmy. Time will come and you would be happy by the time you reach it.D

    I'm so glad that you are still alive my friend. We still have so many things to fight. D

  31. NAjibbb !!!!!!!!! look so cool haha....nice work !! buddy

  32. nice blog and exact information about Malaysia

  33. wonderful!

    by the way....
    do you like typography?

  34. Awesome work! It takes a very special kind of artist to give a politician a human side that we can actually relate to. - G

  35. hey my best friend... thanks for visit to my blog...

  36. Happy new year my buddy :) may this year you get 10 page rank : ))

  37. Wonderful work Fazrul.. You born for painting..

  38. Thanks for sharing Fazrul.. So many interesting pictures here.. Your pictures are so informative because of the information given. You capture them like a camera :D