Monday, October 11, 2010

Sungai Pengkalan Kubor(Edited Version)

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Title: Sungai Pengkalan Kubor (Edited Version)
Medium: Watercolor on arches watercolor paper & Photoshop work (Enhanced)
Size: 42cm x 27.5cm
Year: 2010
Collection: Artist
Signed at lower bottom left :fazrul

Description: One of my old painting and i just made some minor digital editing with Photoshop to bring back the freshness and the look. Here is the original version.


  1. Beautiful work, Fazrul! I love the way you caught the reflection of the boat in the water, and the misty background.

  2. I enjoy this so much, Fazrul. It's an amazing composition, with these diagonal lines suggesting movement on a calm background. Your boats seem about to depart! The use of colors is superb.

  3. Compared to The Original Image, The retouching dramatically Increased its quality to the very higher level quality, seem much more freshness & Details. In Love to Your amazing art work as always Fazrul! <3

  4. @nothingprofound @Georgina Dollface @fullet @Loong @Glan ☚ thank you

    I prefer this version too. D

  5. Really great work, I love the colors . Keep it up.

  6. I looked at also the original version, dear Fazrul. It's beautiful, too but this edited version has certainly a higher quality. I can't find the right word to describe it. Maybe because of the reflection in the water or something else. I don't know really. But it's really brilliant.

  7. Another beautifully, gorgeous piece of art! The colours are beautiful... you are seriously talented! :D

    And thanks so much! :D yes, the little girl in the photos that I took are my little sister.

  8. Fazrul, it's stunning. I wish I had 1/4 of your talent.

  9. WOW !
    This is great ! soooooo beautiful ! I like the reflection in the water ^_^ Don't know why, love it !

  10. Is this a painting? or the results of a photo camera? proper comparison ... with typical scratches style of painting, but it has a picture of the living. Great job Friend

  11. @Hip Hop Swagga @Sihirli Yazılar @Candy @Lana Gramlich @amelia @waliz @gata ☚ thank you

    @Lana Gramlich
    Oooh..1/4 is too much,haha

    Yup,this is a painting. A combinations of traditional and digital process. And not a result of a photo camera editing,lol :)

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  13. Wow! Its rare that people paint in this style any more or use of this subject matter. Well done. It's beautifully warm and evocative.

  14. Hi Fazrul! You know, I love marina scenes with boats, and yours is really lovely! I liked the pastel colors, which give peace and calm to a place that looks like heaven! Very nice work!

  15. @Multi Blogging @Yesta @Vania Moreira ☚ thank you

    @Vania Moreira
    Oh my God, Vania was commented on my blog,i'm loving it. D

  16. wow, this art work is a masterpiece, its perfect brother!

  17. WOW! just WOW! amazing art man :D

    Amogh :)

  18. it's so beautiful!
    this remind me of my childhood dream to be a painter..
    draw a picture like this one..
    but, now I know I'm not that talented... =)

  19. Love it!
    Wish you all the best, dear friend!

  20. Excellent work my friend. You have talent.

  21. @Boonchai @Wrist man @AcneScarFree @Nice Veloso @Amogh @fzikuz @Ana Cristina @Ron ☚ thank you

    Just can't wait to see you blogging back Amogh:)

    Lol,never give up before you give a big try:)

  22. hey buddy ....!! seriously u are really good ~ nice work

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  24. Hello Fazrul, dropping by to wish you a great week ahead!

  25. Beautiful work Fazrul! My father is a water colourist and my mother a portrait artist too, so I know the great attention to detail inherent in all your art. A pleasure to visit your site.

  26. very beautiful painting...you are indeed so gifted..

  27. Wow.. Its amazing Fazrul.. What a reality..! :)